5 Things I Want to Help Teacherpreneurs With

How this blog will help teacherpreneurs create a Pinterest marketing strategy they can do!

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My blog exists to help teacherpreneurs market successfully using the power of Pinterest

1. Empower teacherpreneurs with the skills they need to market their products

After being a Pinterest Manager for a year, I’ve found my favorite niche for helping educators drive more traffic to their websites or Teachers pay Teachers store. I’m an Occupational Therapy Assistant and love helping pediatric therapy peeps! Whether I do an in-depth audit, partially help them manage their Pinterest accounts, or completely take it over, I get so excited to watch their success on the Pinterest platform.

Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine and is the perfect platform for teacherpreneurs to succeed. Since it is more of a search engine than a social media site, it takes a whole different strategy than say Facebook or Instagram. You can learn to use this platform with a little help!

2. Provide easy to follow guides and lessons to make marketing fun

I hope to provide easy lessons and guides to help you in your marketing efforts. If you’re a creative, Pinterest is just a fun platform. While there is a learning curve, you can do this. I love the balance of creativity and nerding out over analytics.

Pinterest does change frequently it seems over the past year especially. I hope to keep this blog up to date with with the latest changes and tips for a successful Pinterest marketing strategy. Whether it’s an easy to follow guide or a short lesson, I’m here for you!

3. Recommend only the best products and resources to make your marketing easier

I may recommend products and resources that will make your marketing easier. I promise to ONLY recommend the products that I use and love! Some products are an absolute lifesaver for me, and I am wholeheartedly happy recommending them.

Some of the resources are perfect for bloggers, businesses, or anyone trying to market on Pinterest. Your business will thank you for these time saving resources. I know what it’s like trying to manage it all yourself. I’ve been there! But there are times when it’s important to either outsource part of your business or invest in time-saving tools to make your business run smoothly.

4. Help teacherpreneurs have the confidence they need to manage their Pinterest accounts

If you’re at the stage of your business where you need to manage it all, I want to help you have the confidence you need to know that Pinterest marketing is something you CAN do! Whether it’s setting up a business account properly or coming up with a Pinterest strategy you can live with, I’m here to help!

Pinterest sometimes seems overwhelming at the beginning. And just remember, Pinterest is a slower strategy to get started, but once you get it going, pins live on Pinterest for YEARS. Unlike a Facebook post, Instagram post, or tweet. These are short-lived and require more of a time commitment.

5. Write blog posts to help teacherpreneurs on their journey

My blog posts are here to help you understand the platform as you go on your journey. Such as, Pinterest has a track record of changing algorithms in February and people usually see a change in their numbers. So don’t worry! Pinterest has a natural ebb and flow. As a result, this is not a quick marketing strategy. The main thing is your numbers are improving over time.

Understanding some of these things helps you to stay calm during the lower times. Being consistent is key for a successful Pinterest strategy. I want help you on your journey with some amazing Pinterest tips.


I hope this blog helps you as a teacherpreneur feel empowered with the skills you need, easy-to-follow guides and lessons, choose the best products and resources, gain confidence, and provide valuable blog posts to help you have a successful Pinterest marketing strategy you can actually complete!



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